Things that can make a luxury hotel stand out

Your hotel can either be the talk of the town for the good reason or a bad reason. It is always necessary to take account of how efficient your hotel is operating so that if there are any loose ends that need to be tied, it is done before it becomes too late. There are lots of effective steps that you can take every three months to ensure that your hotel is on the top all the time.

Health and hygiene audit:

People who come to your hotel may be extremely messy and dirty in their homes, but when they step into a hotel room, they want the standards of hygiene to be the best. So, it’s natural that you need to do a check of each room in different tariff categories. Check the cleanliness of the room, the hygiene in the bathroom and also for any particular stench in the rooms. Once the rooms are done, the next on the list is the fire escapes, storage room, utility room, house-keeping rooms that could become the reason for infestation of insects or any health hazard. If any of the staff used rooms are not up to the hygiene standards, then heads have to roll or you need set up a new plan to streamline the rules for hygiene and health.

Amenities audit:

Your swimming pool is not cleaned often? Guests complaining about the Spa being dirty? Does the lift stink periodically? All these are signs that either the staff is not doing their job properly or there are technical faults that have not been dealt with permanently. Do an audit of the amenities and get them all fixed one by one. It may even involve you shutting down one section of the hotel, but remember the long term benefits of the short term loss.

Apart from the luxury amenities, there may be other smaller issues that could be fixed such as electrical circuits or the defective water spray in the lawns. It is important that all these elements get covered or else it will embarrass your hotel and hit the credibility of what your luxury brand stands for.

Staff Audit:

Your staffs attitude can make or break the reputation of your hotel. Keep an eye on your staff. Learn to trust your managers and also have your set of small spies who will tell you if there are any anomalies or problems in the staff. You do your own observations and see how the staff behaves with the guests and also with each other. Remember, if you dont weed out the rot, you will not be able to make your hotel a better place. There is no place for problematic staff who could only ruin the name of your hotel by behaving inappropriately.

Food Audit:

Even if guests dont stay at your hotel, there are enough people who would be drawn to it if the food is good. Do an audit of the food by doing a survey, apart from your own internal assessment. If there is need to change the menu or the chef, deal with it immediately so that your customers dont walk away angry.

The drinks too, needs to be of certain quality. This is important as the happy hour rooftop bar is attracts expats who love to drink hence the quality and taste of drinks is important.

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