Pleasure of Luxury Hotels

Luxurious living in hotels is generally a privilege enjoyed by the high class section of the society, mostly by movie stars or industrialists and businessmen. But how classy it would be if one were to have to enjoy these luxuries of life and get sponsored for it!! A wish which every heart would long for

A walk through the magnificent lap of nature, experiencing the aroma of exotic plants and trees while savouring a drink at a happy hour rooftop bar , indulging in the coziness of the rich sunshine or feeling the cool sea breeze at beach, enjoying a lavish dinner by the sea side all of these is opulence that one can have at their behest but with a very heavy cost.

If we take an insight into the worlds most expensive hotels, we actually come to know what is splurging. While the favorite holiday destinations as far as such indulgence and extravagance are concerned, New York, Paris and London remains the hot favorite worldwide. Moroocco , China and south-east Asia are far catching up as the emerging hot destinations where people get a chance to bathe in the lap of luxury .

Paris is still considered as the queen of all holiday destinations and has some exotic locales on the offering combining the magnificence factor into it too. Le Cinq Codet is one of the high rated and high end five star hotels located near Eiffel tower and Invalides Museums .It is an architecture which actually dates back to the 30s yet reflects as one of the most contemporary and modern structures of the world . With a luxurious 900 square foot suite known as Le Dome, that has a huge private terrace, a fulfilling view if the Eiffel tower, deck chairs and if this was not enough, a lavish Jacuzzi to indulge in. All if this of course comes with a whooping fortune.

Talking about the luxury living in hotels, how can one leave behind the royal palaces of our very own country India. Known the world over for its splendid designs, grandeur and a feel of the royal experiences, these palaces have a lot to offer for the affluent and wealthy. Badal Mahal in Dungarpur, Bhanwar Vilas Palace in Karauli , City Palace in Dholpur an Karauli , Gajner Palace in Bikaner , Jaipur City Palace and Jal Mahal are some of the most frequented ones by both foreigners as well as Indians. All of them have all the splendor and indulgence of five star hotels and offer a picturesque experience to the tourists.

A mention about the emergence of South-East Asian countries as a favorite holiday destination has been made earlier and Singapore has some very good hotels as well as sightseeing experiences to offer for the interested. Ho Chi Minh City in Phillipines too has some very exotic hotels. Bay Hotel Groups have their presence in Singapore as well as Ho Chi Minh City. Located at the centre of the city, Bay hotel Singapore has a perfect blend of a beautiful architectural design unfolding into a lavish five star hotel with some of the most beautiful sightseeing experience.

The idea of luxury in hotel living is varied anyways for various people. For the people in the west , luxury living would pertain to a beautiful architecture which is elegant and has a sense of monumental essence to it whereas for the people in Asian countries , it is lavishness associated with the kind of services in term of staffs attending to one , the lavish spread of food in the offering etc. In other words, luxurious hotels are not just about the physical hotels but also other things associated with them and come as a package.

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