How to Get the Best Hotel Deals in Singapore?

Finding a good hotel in Singapore is not a difficult task as there are lots of hotels catering to every budget segment. From 5-star luxury hotels to cheap 1-star hotels, you can easily find a hotel to meet your needs. Irrespective of whether you are looking for weekend hotel stay in Singapore or a week’s stay, you can always find great deals and offers for staying at many Singapore hotels. Here’s how to get the best hotel deals in this small holiday island.

Compare prices online

Once you shortlist some hotels for your accommodation, compare their prices online on different websites that allow hotel rate comparison and find out if there are any available offers for each of these hotels. If you come across any hot offer or any competitive pricing for your choice of hotel, go ahead and confirm your booking for the best available pricing.

Join a loyalty program

Spend a few minutes to join loyalty program and you can enjoy continuing dividends as perks. For instance, some hotels in Singapore give their loyalty members free Wi-Fi access. The more points that you earn for these loyalty cards, the more upgrades and freebies you are entitled to. In some cases, if you’re a member of any professional group, there might be some discounts that you may be entitled to. So, do a complete research on such programs and discount offers and find out the best deal.

Sign up for newsletters

If you’ve planned your trip to Singapore in advance, sign up for the newsletters of your preferred hotels. This way, you can get updates about any packages and discounts that might get announced. If you find any attractive deal, you can make use of it to save money on your hotel booking.

Explore different packages

Almost every hotel in Singapore offers several packages. Once you’ve decided your choice of hotel, ensure to explore the different packages available and find out what’s offered with each package. For instance, if you don’t use the free breakfast offer that comes with your package, you can look for some other package with a useful complement for you – if you need parking, you can opt for a package that comes with free parking. This way, you can get good deals that are useful.

Now that you know how to get the best deals, you can avail a lucrative weekend hotel stay in Singapore

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